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What's the next feature that you'd like to see in Notepadqq?

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30 thoughts on “Next Feature

  1. Walth

    Thanks for the great job. The only important feature I’m missing is bookmarking lines with (Ctrl) F2. I did not find a way to do that in notepadqq, thoug hI intensively used this feature in notepad++. Please ;)

  2. David Melik

    I voted on three things, but would also one or more ways (keystrokes, menu) to select & add unicode characters. Unicode also has italics, underline, and bold, so people would now like those all, more easily, for ‘plan text.’

  3. Jill

    I like that alt+shift+drag multi line feature. But, with notepad++ I could use the direction buttons. I use this feature regularly when coding and would like it to be moved here so that I don’t have to move my hand off of the keyboard. (It’s the simple things :)

  4. Kevin Kinney

    Some documentation on the differences from Notepad++.
    I hit alt+shift+drag to select a block of text. Instead, the whole window moves.

  5. Ronish


    Thanks a lot for NotepadQQ. Its awesome.
    In NotePadQQ, Is there a way to search in all opened files easily other than pointing to a folder?

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. Den24

    Hello, i v enjoyed using notepad++ for years (from when it was tiny with no plugins no now with all the great code helpers). It is the first thing I load when I want to code anything due to it being lightweight and not loaded with ram killing junk (plus less eyecandy means its easier to focus).

    If this came out for the pi I’d be willing to throw some money in, as long as its not another heavyweight ram hogging program (sadly like a lot we have at the moment), in my eyes this will beat genie bluej & tea to become a great fast & very useful tool (alongside nano.. (Yes I hate vim lol) which would be nice).

  7. Billal BEGUERADJ

    How to automatically close:

    1. Curly brackets
    2. Parentheses
    3. Square brackets
    4. Angle brackets

    Thank you.

  8. KLL

    What makes Notepadqq so great is that it is simple and clean and bug-less, and there are lots of nice themes available. Therefore, in my opinion fancy features, such as snippets or code/symbol completion should not be included.
    However, two nice and neat features should be included: option of “Basic Indent Mode” and “Highlight the Occurrences of Selected Word”. I miss the later one from Notepad++ very much. When I was editing C++ files, I typed “{” and pressed Enter, an additional tab-character (“\t”) would be inserted on the following line. To me, this is quite annoying.
    Thanks to all developers.

  9. Codesound


    very beautiful work!
    I need the custom syntax highlight for more others languages (like csound and so on…)
    and the support for the Hex mode.

    many thanks for all!

  10. Samiran

    I face a problem in notepadqq the line comment is not working like notepad++
    ctrl+shift+q is there any solution?

  11. insanewolfhd

    Hi, I’ve been using Notepadqq to develop my blog for the past few months and it works AMAZINGLY, I just have one problem, I dunno if this just has to do with it being used on Ubuntu or not, but spell check just does not work. Back when I used Notepad++ on Windows, spell check worked amazingly :D. I’ve Googled around for Notepadqq having spell check and about a year ago it was said that you would have spell check… Where is it? Thank you :).

  12. Damilola

    Please kindly enable the highlighting of HTML tags.

    In Notepad++, when you select or highlight the , the will be automatically highlighted.

    Please effect this functionality in Notepadqq too.


    1. munkyfrute

      YES, please add highlighting of matching tags, especially in HTML such as opening and closing div tags.

  13. Todor

    The great thing about Notepad++ is that you can use it as a clipboard or for just basic notes, edit stuff and not worry that your data might get lost. And if sometimes happens the next time you open Notepad++ everything will be there.

    So two very basic features are missing:
    – Option to automatically load the previous session on startup; You can already do this manually, it would be a blast if the files would just load automatically on startup;
    – If you create a new file, write some stuff in it and then close the application, the file should remain saved in a buffer. Next time you open the app the previous session should be loaded with the unsaved file. (This is fairly new to Notepad++ but it’s extremely practical)

    1. Marcel

      At the moment word wrapp does not work like in notepad++. For example hen a is indented withind another (and 3rd one, 4th one etc), the contend goes to the 1st column and not to the indentation of the in wich the content is.
      Would be nice to beautify the code with this one solved.
      But even without all the feature everybody is requesting, what you have done, is an exceptional editor!

      1. Marcel

        Wanted to say when a div is intendet within another one (and on the 3rd, 4th, etc) but I used “” and did not realize will be invisible.

  14. moh dady

    Very nice!
    1- The zipe archive [] downloaded doesn’t compile because of the ‘ CodeMirror contents’ are not present in the zip archive. However cloning with ‘ git clone ‘ + ./configure + make work 100% Ok, Thanks to all.

    1. nfs

      Currently, there seems to be NO ability to select the default printer paper size. It always defaults to A4, despite the fact that I’ve set the system default to US letter. This is a real PITA, and it’s the only app I have that does this.