Search In Files: a sneak peek at the next Nqq version

The focus of the next Notepadqq version has been the “Search In Files” feature. Here are some screenshots from the development version:


Search window


The main window after searching in files. The “Find result” area is detachable, or can be docked to any side of the window.


Find results

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11 thoughts on “Search In Files: a sneak peek at the next Nqq version

  1. Prinz

    In notepad++ I can search on Special Characters (as they are called in Notepadqq), but also replace text with Special Characters.

    When the replace executes, it isn’t inserting Special Characters, just the literal characters themselves.

    For example:

    Search for “,” (comma)

    Replace with NEWLINE.

    In Notepad++ this works if you select Extended Characters.

    In Notepadqq it just inserts the literal \n, not a Special Character.

  2. slump

    i notice the search is different with notepad++:
    1) replace text in notepadqq does not replace with regular expression
    2) search window does not support for find in current window / find in opened windows

  3. Suribabu

    Using this Manjaro, it is very useful, I am missing one of my most commonly used XML Tools pretty print plugin. Apart from that it is very cool.

  4. Jacob

    Hi all,

    Using the nqq on ubuntu 14.04 LTS (MATE) – it looks very nice.
    Though, I cannot open multiple nqq (independent) windows on different workspaces.
    Any hint about this issue ?

    Is there a date where the next nqq version is coming out with the new searching features, resembling those of WIN notepadd++ ?


    1. danieleds Post author

      The new search features are already landed. Are you using the latest version? (0.46.2).

      The workspace issue is a bug :/

      1. Jacob

        Thanks for the replay (sorry for my slow replay … ) !

        YES – I’m using nqq version (0.46.2).
        I have in my 14.04 LTS Trusty updates the (0.50.1) version – hope this will solve it ?!


  5. ElectricPrism

    It would be cool if Nqq got a Facebook, Google+ etc so people across Linux G+ Groups could stay tuned in. This project deserves to blow up.

    1. Damilola

      This must be implemented. We need to let peeps and geeks know about this wonderful thing happening to our Linux world!