Monthly Archives: February 2018

Notepadqq Snap

We’re happy to announce that Notepadqq is now available as a Snap package! The same Snap package works on a lot of different distributions, and it’s really easy to install:

sudo snap install notepadqq

(if your distro doesn’t have a “snap” command, you have to install it: read here)

After that, remember to remove any version installed via apt or other package managers. For now, however, the classic packages are still being supported.

What are the advantages for the user?

We believe that Snap packages can bring plenty of advantages for the end user, such as:

  • getting updates faster
  • having a package which is trusted and officially maintained, for any distro
  • ability to choose the release type (e.g. stable, testing, or bleeding-edge releases)
  • forgetting any problem with Qt and other dependencies

What are the advantages for the team behind Notepadqq?

  • easier packaging: building Snap packages is way simpler than with the other formats
  • ensuring quality: there is just one single package which is built by us: we don’t have to worry anymore about out-of-date unofficial packages, one for each distribution.

We’ll keep updating the old kind of packages, but we hope our users will enjoy switching to the new format, so that it could soon become the main one :)