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What we’ll find in Notepadqq 0.40.0

Since Notepaddqq 0.39.0, there have been some noticeable things we’ve been working on.

Language hints have been introduced: you can now hit Ctrl + Space to open a contextual menu with suggestions from your current code and your current language:hint

And if you’re editing a plain text file, you can still get suggestions for all the words contained within the document.

But the main focus of this release was on proper single-instance behavior. When you right-click a file in your file manager, and you choose to open it with Notepadqq, it will be attached to the last used window, if it exists.

In addition, a lot of improvements were made to the Debian package. For example, on some distributions Qt can’t detect the correct system gtk style. On those distributions, you can force Qt to use gtk by installing the new notepadqq-gtk package.