Short survey about Notepadqq (academic research)

Wiliam Rodrigues, a computer science student at the Technological University of Parana, Brazil, is conducting a research on Notepadqq.

The research is about users opinions and satisfaction with respect to the usage of the software, and the results will be publicly available and will be used to improve Notepadqq. Thus, your answers are very important :)

You can find the survey here:

Note that this research is for academic purposes only, and no personal data will be disclosed.

Thank you!

One thought on “Short survey about Notepadqq (academic research)

  1. MarkBN

    I have blocked so I can’t and won’t participate in the survey.
    Keep up the good work though. Notepadqq is coming along quite nicely.
    I would like to see a (line) sort feature implented though.
    Thank you for the program.


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