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11 thoughts on “Notepadqq 1.0

  1. Mikkle

    Would LOVE to see synctex support (with okular), as notepadqq is possibly my favorite qt editor at the moment.

    On a side, what is up with the solarized color scheme? It doesn’t even use the soliarzed palette.

  2. Dennis Moon

    Very basic question, how do I tell notepad++ that I would like to use one of the many color themes that are part of the distribition? In np++ I would do this through the “Settings” menu, but I don’t see a similar functionality in npqq. I can see the css files for color themes in /usr/share/notepadqq/editor/libs/codemirror/theme/, but don’t know how to indicate that they are to be used by the application

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Nut

    Good Job, nice editor for source programming.
    Like the feature for closing the notepad without saving.

  4. Iván Gut

    Very nice & clean interface. Very good job! Very good color themes.
    I’m using it for some bash & text editing.

    Some wishes:

    a. Can you provide a backup function?
    For example create a backup file on save, with tilde “~” suffix, like other editors.
    It’ll act as a countermeasure to data loss.

    b. Automatic save of the last session on quit, so the workspace will be restored as it has been left.
    These will be useful and shouldn’t be hard to develop.


  5. wanderinformatiker


    I just starting testing notepadqq as replacement for notepad++ via wine on ubuntu.

    So far I am really excited how good this editor is.

    I also saw that you created a new release yesterday. Do you have more detailed release notes on that?
    Do you also consider a feature to reload all the files that were opened the last time when the editor is started? (I saw the session feature, but it would be convenient if the editor automatically remembers the last session.)

    Thank you for your great work. I am very happy that I discovered your tool.