Notepadqq Extensions

Support for extensions is finally ready!

Remember the last poll? Python was the preferred language, and… we didn’t choose it. With a lot of grief, and after a lot of experimentation, JavaScript has proven to be the best choice for packaging and deployment of the extensions. Sorry.

You can already find a preliminary API reference and a tutorial on how to write an extension.

But remember: It’s still an alpha feature! A lot of methods are missing in the API, so suggestions about methods you need are welcome (here).



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3 thoughts on “Notepadqq Extensions

  1. mevsme

    I read at GitHub that extension needs Node.js. Why? If I don’t want node.js at my computer, extensions will not working?

  2. ElectricPrism

    I think I voted JavaScript anyways :) I personally find JavaScript to be the middle-ground of most higher languages. Of course I’m no extension developer, I imagine it’s commonly known by programmers everywhere, not a bad thing.