A text editor for developers

Notepadqq is designed from developers, for developers. With its more than 100 supported languages, it is the ideal text editor for your daily tasks.

How to install? Search a package for your Linux distribution or, if you're on Ubuntu, add the ppa.

The project is completely Free and Open Source: check it out on GitHub.

How do you like it?

Whether you are a dark theme guy or a light one, you'll find your favourite color scheme.

Your code should be the protagonist: that's why we designed Notepadqq to put focus on the content, without unnecessary fancyness.

Runs fast
Speed is not a compromise

As developers we know how it's important to be quick and agile. These are what we believe to be the most important things for any tool that will be used multiple times a day.

Notepadqq gives you a hand with multiple selection, regular expression searches, and real-time highlighting.

Find more. Try it.
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